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The Best Work From Home Tips For Transaction Coordinators

Working from home is amazing in so many ways, but it definitely has its challenges, too. When you’re trying to be productive at home, there are lots of things to distract you. These work from home tips are going to help you maximize your time and soak up all the benefits working remotely has to offer—without the stress. 

While being in-office has its perks, working from home lets you have so much flexibility. But it’s also harder to set boundaries, have work-life balance, and avoid being distracted during the day. 

The Best Work From Home Tips For Transaction Coordinators | Inspired House and Home

7 Work From Home Tips To Be More Productive As A Transaction Coordinator

One of the best parts of being a real estate transaction coordinator is that you can work from home and remotely connect with your clients. 

In order to succeed as a business owner (and keep everything organized) you’re going to need to step your game. These seven work from home tips will help! 

Create A Morning Routine For Starting Your Workday

A morning routine is the best way to start your day off on the right note! 

In a typical work environment, you go through a consistent process of getting ready for the day, eating breakfast, commuting to work, and getting started. You don’t have to replicate that process exactly in the home environment, but it’s great to have some sort of morning routine in place! 

It’s not such a great feeling to wake up and immediately jump into work. Instead, take time to start your day with self-care and a routine that nourishes you. Now and long-term, this is going to help you be so much more productive

Think about what makes you feel best before work. 

Whether it’s a few quiet moments with your coffee, reading a book, journaling, or getting in a workout, take time for yourself. Develop a consistent routine and get ready each day so that you feel the shift from relaxation to work-mode. 

You can even set up separate internet browsers on your computer to keep your work and personal life separate. Google Chrome lets you set up “profiles” with different toolbars and bookmarks, which is so helpful when you work from home! 


Plan Your Day In Advance

One of the most important work from home tips is to make a plan for each day. At the beginning of the week, lay out what needs to be accomplished. Then, break this down each day into actual to-do lists!

As a transaction coordinator working from home, you’re in charge of your time. That means YOU are the only one who’s responsible for managing deadlines, getting tasks done, and helping transactions run smoothly. 

For even more routine, create a schedule for each day with time blocks for different types of work. 

You could only check emails at certain times, only schedule meetings in the morning, or only work on marketing on specific days. Find what works best for you based on your clients, routines, and energy levels throughout the day! 

Honestly, no one works at their highest level all day. As a business owner, you’re free to batch your time and schedule your days the way you want! Take advantage of that and watch your productivity level skyrocket. 

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Keep Work And Personal Life Separate

It’s really important to create boundaries between your personal life and your work life while working from home. It’s all too easy to go too far one way or the other—being distracted by your personal life and getting nothing done, or not limiting your workday. 

If you can create a dedicated workspace, it’ll be easier to maintain your boundaries! Even if you’re in a small space without an entire home office, try to create some separation between where you relax and where you work. 

Set up a dedicated workspace, even if it’s one spot at your kitchen table, that you use consistently. You’re going to feel much more productive with the consistency of working somewhere each day! 

Avoid Highly Distracting Activities Like Social Media

Social media is a huge drain on our time. While social media is a powerful tool for connecting with potential clients and marketing your transaction coordinator business, you need to use it strategically. 

Otherwise, you’re going to end up scrolling for hours with an untouched to-do list. 

One of the best work from home tips is to schedule in your social media breaks and actively set a timer on them! If they’re built-in as a part of your routine, you’re less likely to spiral into hours of being distracted. 


Prioritize With To-Do Lists

This goes hand-in-hand with the other work from home tips we’ve covered, but it’s important! 

Each morning (or the night before) figure out what’s the top priority for that day. Anything smaller can fit in if you have time, but make that key list of non-negotiable tasks first thing. 

Your schedule can be as flexible as you like—that’s a perk of working from home!—but a successful transaction coordinator manages deadlines and stays super organized. That’s why to-do lists are so helpful!

Make Sure To Take Breaks

Breaks are absolutely essential for every entrepreneur, but they’re especially important when you’re working from home. 

When you’re a business owner working remotely with clients, your to-do list feels never-ending and it’s easy to skip breaks all day. But breaks are so important if you want to stay productive! A 10-minute walk, chat with a friend, or head out to a coffee shop for an afternoon pick-me-up. 

Breaks help you recharge and feel more motivated to continue working hard! 

Set A Clear Boundary For The End Of Your Workday

This is the last of our work from home tips, but it’s also one of the most important. Making sure to carve out a good work-life balance matters, especially when you’re working from home. 

When you get caught up in client work and growing your business, it’s easy to just keep working. But you need to create a boundary and limit your workday! This helps you avoid burnout and actually enjoy life as a transaction coordinator. 

Being a transaction coordinator is amazing because you get to work from home! But remote work does have its challenges. These seven work from home tips are going to help you maximize your productivity and take back control of your time. 


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