Let’s turn your work-from-home dreams into a reality

I’m here to help you discover the easier path to starting a Real Estate Transaction Coordinator business, so you can build a career and life on your terms.

Financial independence and time freedom are so possible — and I want to show YOU it can be done.

financial independence and time freedom

You’re here because you want to
live life a little differently

Live Life a Little Different

If you’ve made your way to my little corner of the internet, then I know the dreams you have for your life, your career, and your family are big yet simple.

You want to be the mom who can pick her kids up from school and make them a snack when they get home.

To have the flexibility in your schedule to drop everything and care for your loved ones at the drop of a hat.

To be the boss of your own schedule and work as much or as little as you want, with plenty of space for play, joy, and rest in between.

How do I know? Because I’ve been there. And I’m here to tell you both financial independence and time freedom are possible.



"This is the start of the rest of my life"

Before I started the TC Bootcamp I was feeling scared and lost. Now I feel empowered and informed, and I feel like I can actually do this. TC Bootcamp was super detailed and gave me the big picture of what a TC job will be. Honestly, this is one of the best courses I have ever taken in my life.
– Karla R.

Hi, I'm


As the creator of The Transaction Coordinator Bootcamp, I help women like you design a business and life they love by working from home as fully independent real estate transaction coordinators.

Like you, I’ve never enjoyed the 9-5 grind or having to answer to a boss for my every move. When I look back at my 30+ years of being a real estate agent, I feel almost overwhelmingly thankful for the freedom and flexibility it gave me.

Being able to work for myself at home allowed me to be there for my kids while contributing financially to my family. I’m so grateful that I never had to miss out on sports games, music recitals, and always being able to greet them at the door after a day of school.

And when I started this career, I never could have imagined just how much my family and I would need that freedom and flexibility.

My business supported me through the toughest chapters of my life

Business Supported Me

In 2006-2007, the economy flipped upside down at the exact same time that my marriage began to fall apart. The security and flexibility afforded to me as a business owner was a huge support in such a difficult time.

Even today, though my kids are grown, my career allows me to be there for my youngest, Gracie — my beautiful, sweet, wild redhead who has severe intellectual disabilities and needs 24/7 care.

And when the love of my life Mark was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in 2017, it became even more important for me to live a “laptop lifestyle”, running my business between doctor’s appointments and treatments (while still being home when Gracie got home from school).

I knew I had to help others do the same

Help Others Do The Same

My own real estate business has always allowed me to be there for the ones I love the most, and while I love selling houses I also felt this urge to do work that really mattered; work that had an impact far beyond me and my own family. 

The TC Bootcamp was created from this deep desire and passion to help others benefit from the freedom and flexibility of working from home, particularly in an industry as secure and profitable as real estate.

My goal is to help women like you see that they DO have what it takes to go out and start their own business because I know personally just how life-changing that can be. 

Financial independence and time freedom are so possible — and I want to show YOU it can be done.

As I started thinking about how I could help other women who may be facing the same kind of circumstances and life challenges that I’ve experienced over my career, the idea for The Transaction Coordinator Bootcamp was born.

My goal is to help women like you see that they DO have what it takes to go out and start their own business because I know personally just how life-changing that can be. 

Financial independence and time freedom are so possible — and I want to show YOU it can be done.

At Inspired House & Home, we believe in

We Believe In

Supporting your unique vision

From new moms who want to stay at home with their babies, to retired women who want to earn an income while traveling the country in an RV — TC Bootcamp has helped countless women build a business that supports the best version of their life, no matter what that looks like.

Judgment-free learning

Changing careers and learning something new often means stepping outside our comfort zones. I’m committed to creating a supportive and caring environment where you can start and grow your TC business that’s free of judgment or “one-size-fits-all” paths.

Bigger-picture strategies

Your success is important to me, and I’m committed to making sure you have the tools, information, and behind-the-scenes industry knowledge you need to succeed. TC Bootcamp goes beyond systems to teach you skills like marketing and client acquisition, so you can run a profitable and organized business.


“I have the confidence that I can actually do this!”

I now know that I can start my business with no experience. If you are serious about TC’ing, this program gives you the tools you need to get started, unlike other online sites. I would recommend this course to anyone. It took me weeks to decide on taking this Bootcamp, but it is so worth it.

— Deidre C.

Feeling ready to take that next step?

Ready To Take The Next Step?

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