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Why Setting Daily Intentions Is So Powerful (and How To Do It)

Deciding to start your career as a transaction coordinator can often come with a sense of self-doubt. If you feel clumsy chasing new and distant goals in the transaction-coordinator business, just know that there is a solution to your new-job anxiety: start setting daily intentions.

Why Setting Daily Intentions Is So Powerful (and How To Do It) | Inspired House and Home

What Are Daily Intentions?

Daily intentions can work no matter what obstacles you face. As a real estate transaction coordinator, you’re going to be working for yourself—and intentions help you build confidence as you pursue entrepreneurship.

Setting intentions often looks like writing or saying aloud exactly what you want out of your day. Announcing your intentions might feel silly at first, but you will discover that it helps you to stay focused and excited about your upcoming tasks.

Why Should You Set Them?

Daily intentions work to anchor you. Without channeling your focus, you risk feeling lost or losing motivation as you complete your daily tasks. 

You can make your intentions as broad or specific as you need them to be, as long as they stimulate a bright outlook. Happiness yields more energy for you to get your work done and get your goals met.

How Do You Make The Most Of Your Daily Intentions? 

Getting the most out of your daily intentions relies on your ability to keep a positive attitude. If you allow negative thoughts to creep in as you work, then speaking or writing your daily intentions may have been a waste in the first place.

Repeating your daily intentions several times throughout the day works well to combat scary or doubtful thoughts. You must truly believe that your end goal of being an awesome transaction coordinator is possible if you want to get the most out of your daily intentions.

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How To Set Intentions Each Day

The first step to set daily intentions is to write them down...or say them out loud as many times as it takes until it becomes clear and concise. Going pencil-to-paper is always a good option since it lets you see and edit your intentions as needed. On the other hand, simply talking to yourself about your intentions may cause you to spiral off and get lost in the details.

Precision is key. Choose pithy, memorable phrases that you can cling to when the going gets tough. A career as a transaction coordinator can be challenging and sometimes pulls you in several directions at once, so you need your daily intentions to be short and inspiring. Quick recall of your intentions helps to keep the experience a positive one—never punish yourself for forgetting your intention or failing to meet a goal.

Examples Of Good Daily Intentions

Toying with some examples is a great way to author your own intentions. 

As a transaction coordinator, your intentions might sound something like this:

  • Let the hard stuff roll off of your back
  • Embrace what makes you different and don’t be afraid to stand out today
  • There is room in this life for my career and my children
  • Remember that all of the work you are doing means that you can be home more often
  • Pursue your dreams with a smile
  • Everything that I do today gets me one step closer to my dream job
  • I want to finally accomplish a work-life balance

Whichever example sparks a positive mindset for you is a great launch point for drafting your own, specific intentions. Remember, having a positive mindset is the key to making your daily intentions work for you.

How To Follow Through On Your Intentions

Following through on your daily intentions usually boils down to some sort of routine. Displaying your intentions somewhere that you look often, like your desk, serves as a reminder each time you look at them.

Don’t be afraid to leverage technology—you can set reminders on your phone to pop up throughout the day, or even download an affirmations app to help you stay positive. 

Accountability is also key! Consider telling members of your family or friends about your commitment to daily intentions. Ask them to remind you every so often! Hearing your intentions from another voice in the room can add an extra layer of encouragement.

Your journey to becoming a transaction coordinator has many challenges! Traveling down a new career path might feel strange, overwhelming, and even turbulent at times. Using daily intentions to keep yourself on track can help you put your struggles behind you faster. 

Soon enough, you may even find that this process becomes subconscious. As in, you could become a positive thinker through and through! The positive thinking that comes from daily intentions is also contagious, so enjoy the benefits of filling your house with multiple ambitious characters.


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