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How To Overcome Fear As A Transaction Coordinator and Reach Your Goals

Starting something new and unknown is scary! Putting yourself out there in a position that you’ve never experienced takes courage, but you’re not alone. For any entrepreneur, learning how to overcome fear is so important. 

Starting your new journey as a transaction coordinator is an exciting time. While you may have never done it before, you do have life skills and experiences that have prepared you for the work of a transaction coordinator. 

You can learn how to overcome fear when starting your journey as a transaction coordinator. When you take proactive steps, you’ll be able to achieve all of your biggest goals. 

How To Overcome Fear As A Transaction Coordinator and Reach Your Goals | Inspired House and Home

What Makes So Many Entrepreneurs Feel Fear? 

Starting a new career, especially one like a transaction coordinator, causes a number of reasons for us to be scared. 

Let’s go through some emotions that you might be feeling and how to overcome fear with each scenario. 

Fear Of Making Mistakes 

People don’t want to mess up, especially in front of others. If your work is on display or being given to others, it’s possible that you may feel like everything has to be perfect the first time you do it. 

As a transaction coordinator, the key to your job is staying organized. But everyone feels overwhelmed at some point and may lose track of their work—after all, we’re human!

Mistakes happen. Sometimes you can prevent them, and other times you can’t. What you can do 100% of the time is learn from your mistakes. Learning from your “bad” decisions will help you grow in your career.

Once you shift your mindset and realize that mistakes happen, you won’t be so afraid to move forward in your business. 


Fear Of Failing At Being A Business Owner 

One of our biggest enemies in life is the idea of failure. We’re all intensely afraid to fail, especially because we’re worried about what others will say. 

Push through the idea of failure! Try to identify what’s working well for you and what went wrong. From there, you’re able to learn more about what you can do to be successful long term.  

And remember, a failure doesn’t mean that everything is pointless—you can always start over and grow from what went wrong. 

Fear Of Not Looking Smart 

Every business owner starts from the same place: the bottom. Growing yourself and your transaction coordinator business means learning and asking for help. 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions when you don’t know the answer! How are you going to learn if you never ask? You can also invest in courses and education to build your confidence around all things transaction coordination. 

As a transaction coordinator, you’ll find yourself asking questions when you first start, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t eventually learn the answers. 

Know that moving forward despite the fear of not looking smart is the only way to actually improve your knowledge. 

Fear Of Being Embarrassed 

We’ve all experienced a time when we felt embarrassed by a boss or client. It’s natural to feel embarrassed, but don’t let anyone have that kind of power over you! 

Recognize your strengths and your weaknesses and own them. As a transaction coordinator, you are there to help clients—and you bring value to the table. 

Let your confidence in your knowledge shine through. Remember, these clients wouldn’t be your clients if they didn’t trust in your expertise and ability to make their jobs easier. 

Fear Of Making Decisions 

Decision-making is difficult to master because of the pressure that surrounds making the right decision. But keep in mind that decisions can be changed! 

Once you realize that most decisions aren’t permanent, you will feel empowered to make decisions without feelings of doubt creeping in!

As a transaction coordinator, you’re responsible for multiple moving parts in the transaction process. You will be in charge of handling specific documents and talking with clients, which will require decision-making skills. 

Just know that as you make decisions, you’ll learn to be more confident in the choices you make. And it’s okay if you make a “wrong” decision—you’ll learn, switch things up, and move forward more knowledgeable. 


How To Overcome Fear As A Transaction Coordinator

You may be scared of carrying the responsibilities of a transaction coordinator. 

Let’s figure out how to overcome fear in your business. That way, you’ll be able to find success while actually enjoying the process of growing your transaction coordinator business. 

Acknowledge Your Fears So You Can Understand Them 

When you’re first getting started as a transaction coordinator, knowing how to overcome fear is essential in order to actually start. And the first step to do that is figuring out (and acknowledging) what you're really afraid of. 

Try this exercise in a journal or on a sheet of paper: 

  1. Write down what you want to accomplish as a transaction coordinator.
  2. Write down what scares you about becoming a transaction coordinator.
  3. Describe each of your fears in detail. 
  4. What is holding you back from becoming a transaction coordinator? 
  5. What are the worst things that could happen if you fail as a transaction coordinator? 
  6. Imagine the scenarios of the points you wrote down. 
  7. If these outcomes happened, what could you do to fix the problem? 
  8. Write down the consequences of never trying to become a transaction coordinator. 
  9. End on a positive note. Write down positive things that may happen if you become a transaction coordinator. 

Following this nine-step exercise can help you put your fears into perspective while also visualizing the positives of this new beginning. 

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Start To Shift Your Mindset Around Entrepreneurship 

You’re going to have a harder time conquering your fears if you don’t change your mindset. Restructuring the way you think will help alleviate the fear. 

Start your day by writing out positive affirmations geared toward your work as a transaction coordinator. These affirmations will help you establish the focus and purpose behind your motivation. 

Use the present tense, “I am…” when starting out. It allows your mind to see yourself already doing the action, preparing you for future success without the fear. 

Repeating your affirmations every day can help make them more powerful. You should hang them up in a space that is visible to you while you work: on a corkboard or maybe on the desk next to you. The more you see them, the more impact they’ll have. 

If you read your affirmations out loud, you’ll likely feel even more compelled to squash any fear you may be feeling. Repeating them in your head or out loud helps you visualize that outcome and build confidence in yourself. 

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Consistently Take Small Steps Forward, Even When You’re Afraid

One of the most important things to do when you feel fear is to keep moving. Don’t let it trap you in one spot. If you find ways to keep moving forward, you’ll be less likely to give in to its control.  

Fear is a normal emotion that every business owner faces...but what’s different is the way they handle it. 

The list below details ways that you can squash fear and be successful in your transaction coordinator business: 

  • Continue moving forward (even if you feel fear) 
  • Focus on being positive
  • Develop coping mechanisms for when you start to feel scared
  • Know that you learn and grow from failure
  • Don’t compare yourself (or your success) to others
  • Focus on searching for solutions to problems
  • Think about progress over the idea of success
  • Celebrate wins, no matter their size
  • Recognize that confidence comes from taking action
  • Create plans with specific steps and goals
  • Surround yourself with motivational people

All of these actions are small, manageable steps you can take that will help you learn how to overcome fear. Utilizing one or more of these steps will help you build confidence in your career as a transaction coordinator. 

Fear can be debilitating. But learning how to overcome fear is empowering and helps you grow! When you identify your fear and start to break it down, you’ll build your confidence, allowing you to find success in your transaction coordinator business. 


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