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How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome In Your Transaction Coordinator Business

For any entrepreneur, imposter syndrome can be a serious problem. As a transaction coordinator, you may struggle with feeling like you’re not good enough to provide services to others. Learning how to overcome imposter syndrome is essential for building your transaction coordinator business. 

How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome In Your Transaction Coordinator Business | Inspired House and Home

What Is Imposter Syndrome?

Although imposter syndrome is incredibly uncomfortable to experience, it’s not actually a real syndrome. Instead, it’s a state of fear that paralyzes you. With imposter syndrome, you feel overwhelming doubt in yourself, your skills, and your ability to help others. 

You might experience negative self-talk, unhealthy levels of comparing yourself to others, and feelings of inadequacy. Imposter syndrome can be something you feel consistently, or it can pop up at certain moments. 

Especially if you’re a bit of a perfectionist, you may experience imposter syndrome in your transaction coordinator business. 

Learning how to overcome imposter syndrome as a transaction coordinator is a challenge, but it is possible. With the right mindset shifts and strategies, you’ll be able to overcome imposter syndrome in your business and experience success. 

You can even start to use imposter syndrome as an indicator that you’re making progress toward your goals, stepping outside your comfort zone, and building a business that’s aligned with your values. 


How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome

When you follow these steps, you’re going to know exactly how to overcome imposter syndrome. Being a transaction coordinator is so rewarding, and you have unique opportunities to serve the community while making a living. 

Here’s everything you need to know about how to overcome imposter syndrome. 

Start Paying Attention To What Makes You Feel This Way

Knowing what triggers imposter syndrome helps you understand that it’s external causes (not your lack of skills or expertise) making you feel this way. 

There are so many factors that influence our attitudes toward ourselves. Being a business owner means you’re out on your own. Everything falls on you, which is a lot of pressure!

And as a transaction coordinator, you’re working directly with clients and may experience self-doubt about your skills and ability to do a good job. That’s why recognizing the external triggers of imposter syndrome is so powerful in alleviating its impact. 

Prioritize Rest and Self-Care

One source of imposter syndrome is stress. When you’re facing feelings of self-doubt, that stress in your business and daily life is amplified. 

Take a deep breath and learn to prioritize breaks. Even when you’re just getting started in your business, you deserve opportunities to rest and recharge. And a huge part of becoming a transaction coordinator is gaining flexibility and better work-life balance, so take advantage of that! 

Make time during the day to take walks. Spend a few quiet moments reflecting on how grateful you are and how proud you are of even the smallest wins you’ve had that day or week. 


Write Down Your Accomplishments

When you’re learning how to overcome imposter syndrome, recognizing your own accomplishments is absolutely key. Physically writing down your wins—both big and small—helps you recognize how amazing you are. 

If something goes amazing for a client, write it down! Create a journal where you track your accomplishments. Then, when feelings of imposter syndrome arise, you’re able to combat them with concrete proof of what you are capable of. 

Spending a few moments each day actively celebrating your wins makes such an impact on your confidence! 

Change Your Mindset Around Mistakes

Your mindset is one of the essential pieces of overcoming imposter syndrome. 

Remember that you are enough. Making the leap into your transaction coordinator business means you know deep down that you’re qualified.

You should also shift your mindset around failure. If something goes wrong, look at it as an opportunity to grow. No business owner is completely perfect, and everyone experiences challenges as they step into entrepreneurship. 

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Start Using Positive Affirmations

Imposter syndrome tends to lead to negative self-perceptions. Actively practicing positive affirmations actually helps you believe in yourself on a higher level. 

Whenever you have a negative thought about yourself or your worth, actively tell yourself a new message. This has been shown to rewire your brain over time to always default to those positive messages. 

You can do this out loud, in your head, or physically with sticky notes where you work. 

Know That Entrepreneurship Is Always A Little Scary

If you’re struggling with imposter syndrome, you may feel a little alone. But every entrepreneur faces struggles, challenges, and fear. And most of us experience imposter syndrome at some point. 

Knowing that you aren’t alone in this experience makes you feel so much better. As you gain more experience as a transaction coordinator, you’re going to build confidence in yourself and your abilities. 

Learning how to overcome imposter syndrome as a transaction coordinator might seem overwhelming. But you bring valuable skills to the table! You’re going to provide so much value to the realtors you work with. 

These strategies and tips will help you defeat imposter syndrome so you feel better about all that you’re doing. 


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