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How to Get Your First Clients as a Transaction Coordinator

Starting a new business is one of the most exciting endeavors you can undertake. You’re ready to work for yourself, set your own hours, and build something up from the ground. You’ve got everything set up and ready to go. What now? You’re probably asking yourself how to get your first clients, right?

It can be a little nerve-wracking when you’re out there trying to start out, but that’s okay! We’re here to help you grow your business as a remote transaction coordinator. These are some of the best ways to get started and land that first client!

How to Get Your First Clients as a Transaction Coordinator | Inspired House and Home

How to Get Your First Clients In Your Transaction Coordinator Business

Figuring out how to get your first clients can be the most stressful part of starting your own transaction coordinator business. Once you get the first one, more will follow! These four methods will get you going in the right direction.

Start With Your Friends & Family

Even when you’re just starting out, you’ve already got a great network to tap into â€” your friends and family! These are people who care about your success and already want to help you. Recruit your friends and family to keep an eye out for potential opportunities for you. 

Tapping this network should be your first step. Reach out to them and tell them what you’re doing. What is a transaction coordinator and why do people need them? Which services are you ready to offer? Who do you want to connect with?

When you’re an independent contractor, jobs can come from the strangest places! Maybe your cousin’s friend’s sister is a real estate agent looking for a little help. If your cousin knows you’re looking for work, they can pass on your details.

Ask People You Know for Referrals, Too

Still wondering how to get your first clients? Try using referrals! Agents prefer to hire people who come recommended by someone they know. 

Asking for referrals isn’t always the quickest process. You want to plant your services in the back of people’s minds. One day, when they (or their acquaintance!) are looking for a transaction coordinator, you’ll be the first person they think of! 

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get any bites immediately. Building your own business takes time. When the referrals come rolling in after a few weeks or a month, you’ll be glad you asked!


Look for Local Realtor Networking Events

Realtor networking events are one of the most valuable tools for finding clients! Since the agents are the one who will be looking for your services, go meet them! Even going to just one event a month can make a difference. Here are a few different ways to get in front of some agents.

Local Real Estate Conferences

If you’re not sure where to start, Googling your city, state, and “real estate conference” can help you identify upcoming events. Even if they’re not based directly in your city, consider attending to broaden your network. These events are incredibly valuable when it comes to building relationships that turn into clients.

Local Chamber of Commerce

You may not know it, but your local Chamber of Commerce likely hosts regular meetings that can help you network. In addition to hosting general events, they often have more targeted events that can give you resources to grow your transaction coordinator business. Try googling your local Chamber of Commerce and checking out their events calendar.


Take a look at Meetup.com. It’s a networking site that connects you to groups for all different kinds of interests, both professional and personal. See if you can find any groups specific to real estate, but also consider looking at entrepreneurial groups. You’re a small business owner now and connecting with others can help you learn new entrepreneurial skills. Many of the groups host free meetings.

When it comes to attending networking events, business cards are currency. Make sure to have your own professional cards printed out to share. Each agent who gives you a card is a potential client. Getting their cards gives you an opening to build a personal relationship, and that’s the key to marketing your business.

How to Get Your First Clients Online

Sometimes attending in-person networking events just isn’t a possibility for one reason or another. Maybe you’re busy taking care of your children or trying to establish your virtual services outside of your area code. 

Whatever the reason, sometimes you just need to do some digital networking.  If you want to know how to get your first clients online, this section is for you.

As a transaction coordinator, you know who your ideal clients are. That’s the first step in locating them! Where are your ideal clients spending their time online? Are there Facebook or LinkedIn groups for local realtors around you? Are there active realtor communities elsewhere online?

Virtual groups are a fantastic way to start networking online. You can engage with agents and build a relationship with them without leaving your house. People often take to professional Facebook groups to find answers to their problems. If you have the answers, you have an in! 

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Figuring out how to get your first client for your transaction coordinator business doesn’t have to be overwhelming! You can use these tools to make it easier to connect with agents, network, and grow your business. If you’ve got an awesome service to sell (and you do!) more work will come. 


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