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18 Best Tools For Running Your Virtual Transaction Coordinator Business

 As a virtual transaction coordinator, you’re able to work from anywhere in the world with just your laptop. To make your business run smoothly, you’re going to need some specific tools on your side! 

Networking, collaboration, organization, and all of the backend parts of your business are so much easier with the right tools. 

Virtual business tools are about so much more than just sharing documents. Your entire business depends on what you use to manage it! 

In a remote career as a virtual transaction coordinator, you need to be able to collaborate, connect, and share digitally. The right tools will help you keep everything organized so that you can always deliver impeccable service. 

18 Best Tools For Running Your Virtual Transaction Coordinator Business | Inspired House and Home

Types of Tools for Your Virtual Transaction Coordinator Business

There are so many types of tools you can use to run your business. For a virtual transaction coordinator, a mix of different tools will help you keep everything organized. 

There are three main types of tools you can use to collaborate with others: 

  • Digital Communication Tools, like email, text messaging systems, project management software, and collaborative databases
  • Asynchronous Tools, which allow everyone to access projects, documents, and resources anytime (without instant notification or responses)
  • Synchronous tools, which let everyone work together at the same time (like Zoom and other meeting platforms)

Tools To Try In Your Virtual Transaction Coordinator Business

Here are the best tools to use as a virtual transaction coordinator! There are a variety of tools included in this list, like project management, financial tools, and marketing and design. 

Project Management and Calendar Tools

As a transaction coordinator, staying on top of deadlines is absolutely essential. That’s why a calendar tool is important to implement in your business. 

You’ve probably used a paper calendar before, but for on-the-go use and collaboration, a digital calendar tool is so much more efficient. Try Google Calendar for a free option! 

Another important tool for your business is a project management tool. Trello is a great visual option with boards, cards, and lists that you can move around as needed. Asana has even more features, but you have to find the right tool for your business, style, and clients. 

You can also try out TCdocs, which is just for virtual transaction coordinators. 

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File Sharing Tools

As a virtual transaction coordinator, file sharing is SO important! When you work with realtors, they might indicate a specific platform they’d like you to use. But you should keep your own copies in a location that’s convenient for you, too!

Google Drive and Dropbox are some of my favorite options for storing and sharing documents. There are free plans for both platforms, but you can upgrade for more storage (and it’s pretty affordable!). 

Here are some details about file-sharing platforms you could use in your virtual transaction coordinator business. 

Google Drive is super convenient because you can use it to share documents, spreadsheets, slideshows. Everyone can access, download, and collaborate on documents in real time, which is super convenient. 

Dropbox is another great tool for file sharing. You can share documents (even huge files) easily and go back and forth as much as necessary. It’s easy to organize multiple files into folders by client, transaction, or date—whatever works best for you! 

Another alternative is Sync, which is a little less well-known, but still amazing! It’s less expensive than some of DropBox’s paid plans, which is always a good thing. It’s similar to DropBox in terms of file sharing and organization, though. 

Financial Tools

You’re going to need quite a few financial tools to run your virtual transaction coordinator business! 

First up, let’s talk about invoicing. The right tool will make sending invoices quick, easy, and seamless for you AND your clients! 

Wave Apps is an amazing free tool that you can use to send manual or recurring invoices. For being a free tool, it’s incredible—and easy to use! You can accept different types of payments right inside the platform and have them automatically deposited into your bank account.

Lots of people use Paypal to invoice, and it’s especially good if you’re just getting started. 

Freshbooks is another really great option for transaction coordinators! You can time-track and send your invoices all in one place. There’s a free trial option, and then you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan if you like the software! 

You can also try Dubsado—lots of transaction coordinators love this tool! You can invoice, time-track, and manage workflows all in one software...which makes it a huge value and super convenient. Just like Freshbooks, you’ll start on a free trial to see if it works for you and then upgrade to a paid plan. 


Marketing and Design Tools

Marketing your business means editing photos and creating branded, beautiful graphics. This doesn’t mean you need complicated Photoshop knowledge! There are some amazing marketing and design tools online that are free (or super affordable) and super user-friendly. 

PicMonkey is an easy tool that’s been around for years. It has templates, cute fonts, and lots of tools to make design a breeze. 

Most transaction coordinators adore Canva for design! They have an incredible free plan, and their affordable paid plans come with even more features. Use Canva’s beautiful templates for social media graphics, eBook and PDF designs for lead magnets and offerings, and even business cards. 

Now, where do you get the photos for your designs? If you don’t have the time, creativity, or ability to take them yourself, don’t worry. There are tools for that, too! 

Pixabay, Unsplash, and Pexels are my favorite options for free, commercial-use stock photos. You can search for photos based on topics and themes, download them, and add them to your designs. 

If you’re using Canva, there are thousands of stock photos available right inside the design platform, too. 

Tools for Signing Documents

As a virtual transaction coordinator, document signing tools are going to be your best friend. 

Part of your role is to facilitate and coordinate all necessary document signatures throughout the process. That means you need a smooth, easy system for you, your clients, and their clients, too! 

I recommend trying HelloSign, Eversign, and DocuSign! Figure out which one works best for you. With all three tools, you’ll upload a PDF version of the document, mark places where signatures or initials are needed, and send it to the agent or their clients. 

Make sure to let your clients know how the tool works, and that they’ll need to verify that a digital signature is valid. 

For each platform, you’re going to receive a certain number of signatures or contracts for free before being required to upgrade to a paid plan. 

As a virtual transaction coordinator, these tools will help you run your business smoothly and without stress. 

Tools can take a lot of work off your plate by systemizing and automating wherever possible. Plus, digital tools make it even easier to collaborate virtually and work from anywhere. 


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