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6 Important Virtual Networking Tips for Transaction Coordinators

The key to survival for most entrepreneurs is consistent networking. As a Transaction Coordinator working from home, this can be especially challenging! Virtual networking can feel unnatural at first. After all, how do you effectively meet and strike up business conversations with real estate agents without ever meeting them in person? 

Fortunately, virtual networking is a skill you can improve with practice. Read on to discover some valuable tips.

6 Important Virtual Networking Tips for Transaction Coordinators | Inspired House and Home

What Is Virtual Networking? 

Virtual networking is the process of meeting and exchanging information with potential clients online. Unlike traditional in-person networking events, virtual meetings rely heavily on efficient and reliable technology. Virtual networking also requires a particular set of skills to connect with someone who’s not in the same room as you are!

To be clear, networking doesn’t only happen between Transaction Coordinators and real estate agents looking to hire. It’s important to network with various professionals in the real estate industry in order to spread the word about yourself and your services!

Online networking opportunities often require some planning, but every now and then, they turn up unexpectedly. Even if you don’t love acting like a (digital) human billboard, sharing all the positive news about your business, it’s important to always be prepared for networking opportunities.

Don’t worry! Expanding your virtual networking toolkit will help you feel more relaxed and effective in all networking scenarios.

Why Is Virtual Networking Important? 

Listen, you’re not going to meet people by staying cooped-up in your home office. Limited face-to-face networking opportunities might not be enough to sustain your Transaction Coordinator business. 

Virtual networking can help bridge the gap between your desk at home and an entire world of business opportunities. Have a look at three reasons why you need virtual networking.

It Helps You Build Stronger Relationships Within Your Industry 

Networking isn’t just about selling yourself on the spot. It’s about making friends or, more appropriately, building respect for yourself in the real estate industry. 

The perfect place to start compiling networking opportunities is social media. But simply “friending” and forgetting isn’t enough! Reach out to your connections in real estate, have conversations, leave comments on their posts, and make yourself known.

The Wider Your Network, The Bigger Your Pool of Potential Clients!

Why limit yourself to real estate agents in your town? Since your business is online, you should feel free to expand virtual networking to neighboring cities—and, depending on your expertise, to other states—for the best transaction coordination opportunities. 

A larger client pool is definitely a plus to virtual networking, especially if the housing market in your immediate area is moving slowly. Spread your business fins as far as they can reach to figure out where your services are most useful. 

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You’ll Have Quick Access to Fellow Transaction Coordinators 

Other Transaction Coordinators aren’t just your competition. They can also be a valuable resource for you as you work to grow your business! Their challenges are similar to yours—so at the very least they can offer solidarity. 

Your fellow Transaction Coordinators can share their preferred software programs, tips and tricks, and even pitch you new clients when they have too much on their plates (and vice versa). 

Virtual networking makes connecting with other Transaction Coordinators a breeze. You can mingle as near to or far from home as you’d like. 

6 Powerful Virtual Networking Tips for Transaction Coordinators 

You can make more connections with the right virtual networking strategies. These six tips will help you expand your transaction coordination web.

Think About Making A Good First Impression

It helps to be familiar with the dos and don’ts of making a first impression. Even if your computer screen seems like a small window into your life, a lot of interruption and chaos can spill through if you’re not careful.

Set your virtual networking space up as if you were having a business meeting in person. Remove any messy eyesores from the background and make sure that your environment is calm and professional. Dress professionally, make good eye contact, and stay engaged with the other person (or people) present.

Of course, life happens when you’re working from home! If your kiddos happen to come on screen, be prepared to laugh it off—you’ll find that most people are really understanding. 

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Attend a Virtual Networking Event and Chat with Other Participants 

If you’re not sure how to set up your very first meetings with potential new connections, try networking organically at virtual events. This relieves some of the pressure to plan (unless you're hosting the event!) and allows you multiple opportunities to meet people and practice your networking skills.

Types of virtual events perfect for real estate networking include:

  • Virtual open houses
  • Real estate speaking events
  • Online affairs hosted by your state’s real estate commissioner
  • Industry-specific workshops

It doesn’t take much for people sharing a common professional interest to hit it off. Make it part of your regular routine to research and attend online events to expand your network.

Take a Virtual Walk or Have A Virtual Coffee Chat 

The addition of a short walk or hot beverage forces an otherwise stiff online conversation to be one that is more relaxed and casual. Invite one or more of your clients or Transaction Coordinator buddies to meet virtually to take in some fresh air, or something similar.

It might feel strange at first creating your own separate cups of coffee or walking in extremely different locations, but the differences between you offer more intriguing conversations to build stronger, longer-lasting relationships. 

Keep it casual to suggest that you appreciate the members of your network as people…not just as professionals.

Become Best Friends with Social Media

Effective virtual networking doesn’t always mean hopping in front of the camera for a live chat. Social media connects people from every walk of life, anywhere in the world. 

Make it part of your routine as a Transaction Coordinator to consistently check in on social media. Show your support through likes and comments. Be present for the small things to make a big impact!

Get into the habit of posting your own interesting professional updates and allow your online connections to chime in. The goal is to keep people thinking of you, so when an opens up, you’re top of mind.

Don’t Limit Yourself to One Type of Contact 

The beauty of virtual networking is how vast it is! Don’t cut yourself off at any one type of networking strategy or connection type—try it all, with everyone.

For example, you can go on a virtual walk with a long-time Transaction Coordinator friend in the morning and attend a networking event hosted by the state commissioner in the evening. Post and engage on social media regularly!

It all works best in unison with one another. The most effective virtual networking strategy is to become dynamic, consistent, and present so business opportunities keep coming your way.

Always Follow Up! 

Your networking responsibilities don’t end when you turn off your screen or log off social media! It’s essential that you follow up with your real estate connections after meeting. No matter how brief or how formal (or informal) your encounter was, a few words of thanks go a long way.

Plus, a strategic follow-up allows you the chance to recap everything you discussed with your new connection, affirm your contact information, and offer (or reoffer) your services. And if working together isn’t an option at the current time, simply state that you'll be in contact and look forward to talking again soon.

Virtual networking is different from face-to-face networking in a lot of ways. Just continue to practice! Put yourself out there from the comfort of your home office and watch your Transaction Coordinator business soar.

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