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5 Powerful Writing Tips to Improve Your Transaction Coordinator Resume

The difference between a desirable Transaction Coordinator and one who seldom gets hired is little more than a piece of paper. Your resume can set you apart from your competitors and showcase your worth to potential clients, or leave you bewildered (not busy) at your desk. How do you boost your Transaction Coordinator resume? Turns out, there are a multitude of ways completely within your reach.

5 Powerful Writing Tips to Improve Your Transaction Coordinator Resume | Inspired House and Home

What Should You Include in Your Transaction Coordinator Resume? 

The content of your resume is half the battle. And it’s not as easy as simply listing past work experience. There are other key things you should include (and of course, things you definitely shouldn’t). 

Check out three top tips to help you filter out the nonsense and get the good stuff into your Transaction Coordinator resume.

Contact Information and Professional Summary

Don’t skip your contact information and summary! Doing so is a lot like writing a book without a title or introduction (including the setting and other important details). It’s no wonder Transaction Coordinators who jump right into their work experience see fewer results than those who include their identity and job intentions.

Include your name, phone number, email address, and mailing address at a minimum. Not only do these precursory details look more professional, they scream, “Get in touch with me however you need to! I’m here!” Realtors love to see that urgency from their potential TC hires.

Job Experience and Skills

Your job experiences and abilities are the meat and potatoes of your Transaction Coordinator resume. But you need to be selective! Real estate agents don’t necessarily need to see that you were a lifeguard in college… they only need to know about the jobs and skills you’ve acquired that directly relate to your role as a Transaction Coordinator.

For example, even general administrative experience will translate to your desired role in real estate. Skills like editing, proofreading, document-drafting, and professional correspondence all fit nicely with your new career path. 

If you’re not sure which parts of your past should be included, aim to fill the page. Just be sure to frame each piece of information in TC lighting—showcase the takeaway skills that prove you’re detail-oriented, reliable, and great under pressure.

Education and Certifications

A few lines indicating your level of education, which schools you attended, and your grade point average (if brag-worthy) can be interesting for hiring real estate agents to see. It helps them understand your commitment to development and scale of opportunity. 

And of course, college isn’t absolutely necessary to be successful as a Transaction Coordinator. As long as you have the right skills and expertise (and any essential certifications in your state) you’ll be good to go. 

Additional certificates, awards, or honors are also worth including. They prove you’re willing to go the extra mile and help you stand out from other Transaction Coordinators. 

5 Transaction Coordinator Resume Writing Tips

Nailing your Transaction Coordinator resume is more than what you say… it’s how you say it. Take these resume writing tips to heart when working on your resume, so you can chase after the best TC job opportunities available!

Add Numbers Wherever You Can 

Numbers help to quantify your accomplishments and carry the reader’s eyes across the paper. For example, mention that you helped earn $500,000 for your company in a prior sales job or improved business productivity by 12% in your last Virtual Assistant role.

Those numbers illustrate your competency as a professional! But do you also notice how your sights skip to the numbers as your reading? Numbers and stats work like checkpoints throughout your Transaction Coordinator resume to break up excessive text and urge your client to continue reading.

Avoid Overcomplicating Your Transaction Coordinator Resume

It’s a common mistake to go way overboard and overcomplicate things on yourTransaction Coordinator resume. Interested real estate agents might not understand what you’re saying right off the bat, which is dangerous if they have a pile of other candidate’s resumes on their desk that they can turn to.

Use plain language to illustrate your points. Remember, you can talk about complex achievements without complex language. This way, you appear more inclusive and real estate agents (even those without legal or administrative backgrounds) will understand your experiences.

Of course, if there are specific industry terms that would impress a potential client, go ahead and weave them in as organically as possible. 

Highlight Your Software Knowledge 

Software is one area where you should definitely be specific on a Transaction Coordinator resume. Your role involves quite a bit of drafting, editing, and finalizing legal documents—so you need access to many different types of software.

These Microsoft tools pop up frequently for TCs, so it seriously helps to showcase your knowledge for each:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Outlook

Additionally, you may want to mention any online accounting software experience or database modifiers. There’s no such thing as having “too much” computer knowledge as a Transaction Coordinator.

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Stay Concise and Specific

Your Transaction Coordinator resume is not a novel! Keep it to one page by citing only your most recent and applicable roles. 

Imagine you’re the hiring real estate agent in a hypothetical scenario: you’ve just ended a busy open-house event and have a mile-long task list waiting for you the following day. How much time could you possibly spend flipping through TC resumes? Not much!

If your Transaction Coordinator resume is too long—carrying on for multiple pages—hiring managers are likely to pass you by in favor of someone that gets straight to the point. Use bulleted lists to give specific, helpful highlights from each job… then move on.

Use Keywords Wherever Possible 

It’s not uncommon for hiring real estate companies to scan resumes for niche keywords. A Transaction Coordinator resume with no mention of “real estate,” “legal documents,” or “transactions” (just to name a few) aren’t likely to be pulled to the top of the list.

Make sure your resume is chock-full of industry buzzwords. Even if you’re applying for your first role as a Transaction Coordinator, you can weave real estate language into your summary or prior experience. 

For example, you could discuss your prior experience in administration like, “edited documents using the Microsoft Suite, which will serve me well as a Transaction Coordinator.” Or say, “results-oriented and fast, ready to keep up in the real estate industry.”

Use these strategies to take your Transaction Coordinator resume to the next level. Knowing what to include and proper formatting will help draw in hiring real estate professionals… so you get your pick of the best job opportunities out there!


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