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7 Powerful Ways To Promote Your Transaction Coordinator Business On Social Media

Promoting your transaction coordinator business on social media is a great way to connect with potential clients and strengthen your brand. Your services are so valuable as a transaction coordinator, but you’re competing with others to obtain clients. Social media advertises your skills in order to build an audience of potential clients for your business.

7 Powerful Ways To Promote Your Transaction Coordinator Business On Social Media | Inspired House and Home


How To Promote Your Transaction Coordinator Business On Social Media

For any entrepreneur, your business is like your child—and like a mother, you’re going to want to show off its accomplishments. 

There are many different ways to promote your transaction coordinator business on social media. Here are seven ways that you can use social media as a transaction coordinator! 

1. Know Your Ideal Audience and Choose Platforms They’ll Be On 

Before you even start posting about your transaction coordinator business, you’ll need to figure out who it is you’re aiming your posts to. Finding a target audience is the first step to success on social media. 

By specifying your audience, you’ll be able to create detailed posts that attract potential clients. You’ll gain more attention if you keep your audience's needs in mind. 

Since you’ll be working with realtors, you’ll need to get specific about the demographics of your target audience: 

  • Who are your ideal realtor clients
  • Where are they located?
  • What are they interested in on social media? 

Once you’ve identified your target audience, you’ll then want to consider what social media platforms they’re going to be on. Different people will hang out on different social platforms. Identify where your audience spends most of their social media time.  

Platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook are all great options for transaction coordinators. 

While Instagram and Facebook allow you to share your personal life, many people also interact with small businesses and freelancers too on these platforms. 

LinkedIn is more career and business-oriented and can offer unique networking opportunities with potential clients. LinkedIn gives people the ability to search for your exact title to match their exact needs, so an optimized LinkedIn profile is a must for any transaction coordinator. 


2. In Your Posts, Focus On The Pain Points You Help Solve In Your Transaction Coordinator Business

Once you’ve identified your target audience, the next step is to decide what content to post. 

Remember to tailor your posts to your transaction coordinator business. Your social media is an opportunity to serve your ideal clients—so your posts shouldn’t really be what YOU would want to see or share. 

Your social media content should connect with potential clients by offering solutions to the problems they’re experiencing. Try to grab people’s attention and make them realize that a transaction coordinator can help solve their problems. 

3. Prioritize Building Trust With Your Audience 

Building up your social media presence comes with the responsibility of trust. In order to attract clients and keep them interested, they need to be able to trust more than the business. 

As a transaction coordinator business owner, one of your key strengths is organization. If your social media platforms and all of your business information aren’t organized and cohesive, how can they expect YOU to be organized for them? 

Your presence online reflects your work values. You should be as consistent as possible in your brand. The more consistent you are, the more your clients are going to trust the work you put out there. 

4. Post Consistently 

Social media platforms have algorithms that can boost or hide your content, depending on when you post. Regardless of the algorithms, upload posts every day!

The more your page attracts potential clients, the more they’re going to want to see that you actively and consistently post content. If there are large gaps in the times that you post, your audience may start to lose interest in your transaction coordinator business. 

How can you battle this? As mentioned earlier, a transaction coordinator needs to be super organized. That’s why you should create a content calendar for your social media posts. 

A content calendar helps you keep track of ideas and schedules for your content. Then, try programs like Later, Planoly, or Tailwind to automatically upload and schedule your posts in advance. These programs take manual scheduling and posting off of your hands. 

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5. Incorporate Video Content 

Video has taken over the realm of social media within the past two years. From Instagram Stories and Reels to TikTok, people love to watch videos. 

Have you noticed how both Instagram Reels and Tik Tok share short videos? Snackable pieces of content with tidbits of information or funny content are entertaining and engaging for social media. 

Creating video content for your transaction coordinator business keeps your clients engaged. You have the ability to educate your audience by sharing videos about your service or tips on how they can solve their problems. 

You don’t need a fancy camera to create content. Use a phone camera or web camera to film and upload. It’s that simple!


6. Create A Hashtag Database You Can Use For Your Transaction Coordinator Business 

You may have noticed that on many social media platforms, people will use hashtags. If you aren’t familiar with them, hashtags are little markers that indicate what you’re posting about. Social media users have the ability to click on one to bring them to a specific niche. 

To grow your transaction coordinator business, personalize your hashtags to fit your service. 

The key is to use hashtags that specifically connect to problems that your service solves. Avoid using #transactioncoordinator or #transactioncoordinatorbusiness because these hashtags will only connect you with other TCs!

Instead, try tags like #smoothtransaction or #realestatesale or even #sellersdisclosure. These specify what clients may be looking for or problems they’re experiencing. 

Do your research and create a list of hashtags that you can switch between. 

7. Come Up With Creative, Engaging Posts 

You’ve decided on the content you’re going to post, but how will you make it engaging? 

Creating detailed, engaging posts will keep your clients attracted to your content. Your posts should keep people interested in your transaction coordinator business. 

From sharing local events to posting organization tips and educational content about your business, get creative. Think outside the box—while keeping your ideal audience of realtors in mind. 

Promoting your transaction coordinator business and services through social media helps you grow your business by building an audience of potential clients. These seven tips can help you master social media and promote your services! 


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