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Tiffany Sullivan

Transaction Coordination
General Real Estate VA Services

My name is Tiffany Sullivan and I’m an experienced Transaction Coordinator, Dog Mom, Travel Bug and have been working with agents all over that are part of different brokerages. My goal is to give you, as a Real Estate Agent 10-20 hours of your time back so you can score even more sales and thrive in this market.

What Clients Are Saying About Tiffany

“Working with Tiffany / Stellar Transactions RE, LLC has been a great experience. Tiffany is always prompt in processing contracts, follow up, and in replying to all of my questions/inquiries regarding status. Partnering with Tiffany has enabled me to focus more on business and less on the countless hours of admin. Highly recommend!”– Elizabeth H.

“Tiffany is very responsive and incredibly detail oriented. Once I hand off a ratified contract to her, I almost never need to think about it again. She efficiently handles all requirements, tracks deadlines, and always get’s us to the finish line. Her real estate knowledge and experience allows her to handle most of the issues that arrive. When she can’t, she knows where and to whom to go for the answers. My business has prospered because of her”– Joe O.

“Tiffany at Stellar Transactions RE, LLC has been a wonderful addition to my time management and productivity in real estate. The caliber of the staff has not only been a joy of personalities, but help hold me accountable. Task and results set the bar high and with a friendly staff, what’s not to like! Job well done!” – Juan A.

“I am so thankful for the assistance that I have been receiving to date. The help sure has helped me to focus more on future business and be able to spend more time with clients when needed and all the while to feel comfortable that pending transactions/sales are being kept up with due dates and correspondence to my clients. Tiffany has shared her experience to help me adjust to not taking all of this on myself but rather delegate and let her jump right in and assist! Very grateful!” – Pam R.

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