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Melissa Wallace

Transaction Coordination
Broker Compliance
General Real Estate VA Services
Graphic Design
Licensed Broker

I have been a licensed agent in Utah since 2017 and a Principal Broker since 2022. I am also a Notary and Loan Signing Agent in Utah (Mobile and Remote Online Services). I enjoy working behind the scenes more than selling so I opened REPC Pro to provide Agent Support Services Nationwide. I have worked previously as a Legal Assistant, Disability Advocate and Event Planner for several large organizations. I understand the importance of contracts, staying organized, communication and documenting all the details. I would love to help you be more successful. Please visit my website repcpro.com for more information

What Clients Are Saying About Melissa

“Melissa has been great! I have asked her to do all sorts of things for me from helping with some minor paperwork to setting up my Facebook Page. She is reasonably priced, gets the job done, and does it right!” – Jody Redden, Fathom Real Estate Utah

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