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How To Use LinkedIn Messages To Successfully Grow Your Transaction Coordinator Business

Growing your transaction coordinator business takes a lot of hard work. Connecting with clients and attracting business is so important...and LinkedIn messages are one great way to do it!

How do you gain the attention of new clients? Every day, professionals and entrepreneurs get cold messages, emails, and voicemails. While you may think that these messages don’t pay off, LinkedIn messaging has become increasingly popular and can help you connect with potential clients as a transaction coordinator. 

Sending cold LinkedIn messages that are professional and build true connections can help you grow your transaction coordinator business! 

How To Use LinkedIn Messages To Successfully Grow Your Transaction Coordinator Business | Inspired House and Home

Why Is Using LinkedIn Messages A Good Idea?

LinkedIn is a well-known social media and networking app that attracts a large, diverse group of people. 

LinkedIn’s messaging system is a great way to market your transaction coordinator business. Here are some benefits of sending LinkedIn messages!

You Can Connect Directly With Potential Clients 1:1

With LinkedIn messages, you can directly connect with potential clients. 

Since you’ll be working with realtors as a TC, you want to network directly with those who need to know about your services. And LinkedIn truly is the perfect place to make those connections—especially because so many realtors actively use LinkedIn. 

It’s A Casual Way To Connect 

As with any social media platform, there is a sense of casualness that comes with LinkedIn. While most users are established professionals (who could make great clients for your biz!), LinkedIn messages feel more connected and casual. They allow you to feel like you’re chatting with someone at a happy hour instead of a formal, sit-down interview. 

Providing your service as a transaction coordinator is personal and, through LinkedIn, you can establish casual connections about shared interests. As you build genuine connections through LinkedIn messages (and offer educational value to your prospects), you’ll start to see more authentic results in real-time. 

LinkedIn Messages Are Much More Likely To Receive Responses Than Cold Emails 

Potential clients are less likely to answer a cold email sitting in their inbox than they are to answer LinkedIn DMs. Social media DMs are quicker to respond to...and of course, more people respond when it takes less time!

Instead of cold-emailing realtors whose inboxes are already swamped, stand out by forming genuine connections with LinkedIn messages. 

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They’re Quick and Easy, Which Saves You Time 

LinkedIn messages aren’t just quicker for users to answer—they’re also faster for you to send! 

Think about sending five cold emails compared to five cold LinkedIn messages. Do you think you would spend more time on emails or LinkedIn messages? Emails, of course. 

Even with personalizing each LinkedIn message (which you 100% should!), you’ll save time by choosing DMs over emails or phone calls. 

Utilizing LinkedIn’s messaging system also allows you to carry multiple conversations in one convenient spot. As a result, you may be talking to a variety of potential clients at the same time, saving you effort and time as a transaction coordinator! 

How To Effectively Use LinkedIn Messages As A Transaction Coordinator 

Sending LinkedIn messages may seem daunting at first, but this strategy will ultimately help you connect with potential clients and generate better leads. 

You can address their specific needs and pain points...so don’t be afraid to DM a potential client that you could personally connect with! You never know where the conversation may lead. 

Here are some tips on how to effectively use LinkedIn messages as a transaction coordinator. 

Know Your Audience Inside and Out 

In order to eliminate any possibility of sounding like a cheesy cold message, you need to know everything there is to know about your audience. A personally detailed message will make your interaction stand out—and could potentially lead to a strong business relationship. 

It’s important to know who needs your messages. Randomly messaging people on LinkedIn will not help boost your transaction coordinator business and will waste your time. 

In order to identify potential clients, brainstorm who they could be:  

  • What is their budget? 
  • Do they have pain points? If so, what are they?
  • What are their interests? 
  • How do they schedule themselves (and how can you help)?
  • What concerns might they have? 
  • Do they have struggles? If so, what are they?
  • What motivates them? 

The more information you know about a potential client, the more you’ll be able to personally connect with them. 

Find Your Audience On LinkedIn

Once you’ve established who your audience is, you can then look for them on LinkedIn. One of the best parts about LinkedIn is that you can find people in multiple ways! 

You can search for potential clients based on their job titles or the industry they work in. By typing in specific titles or industries in the search bar, you’re optimizing your chances of personal connections. For example, you can type in “real estate” or “real estate agent.” 

You’ll also be able to join LinkedIn Groups. Inside these groups, you can build relationships with people in a similar niche. You will have tons of potential clients all in one place!

Lastly, LinkedIn’s news feed allows you to see user interactions. If someone interacts with material related to your business, you can shoot them a LinkedIn message to establish a better connection. 

Write Short, Meaningful Messages 

People love DMs because they are much faster to read than emails. That said, you want to keep your LinkedIn messages short and to the point. Too many words will lead people to stop reading your message. 

If your message gets your point across in a meaningful, short way, more potential clients will respond. If it takes less time to read and less time to respond, you’re already making the process simple by acknowledging the prospective client’s needs and schedule. One or two sentences give you plenty of room to express your intentions and desire to connect. 

Remember to be personable and helpful. Showing interest in your potential clients’ needs and struggles will help you get to know how you can support them as a transaction coordinator. 

Forget about using cliche introductions and hard pitches. Focus more on how you can build a strong foundation for your service provider-client relationship. You’ll see more success with a solid base. 

Remember, Relationships Take Time! 

While LinkedIn messages are a positive way to grow your transaction coordinator business, you have to keep in mind that growth doesn’t happen overnight. Establishing real connections with clients takes time, and likely won’t be successful on the first try. 

You may send LinkedIn messages to potential clients and not hear back from some. 

Try circling back. Plenty of people aren’t in the right time or headspace to answer messages when you send them. By circling back, you’re reaching out to connect again and some people may be ready to take that leap at that moment. 

Be diligent about using LinkedIn messages. Don’t let a couple of rejections slow your dream of growing your transaction coordinator business. If you work to form genuine connections, you’ll start to see results in your business!

As a transaction coordinator and business owner, your number one priority is expanding your network. Cold calls and emails are outdated, and won’t get you far. By using LinkedIn messages, you’ll be able to connect with your specific audience in a personal, quick, and easy way. 


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