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When Is The Right Time to Hire a Team to Help Build Your Transaction Coordinator Business?

You’ve worked incredibly hard to launch your business as a transaction coordinator. As your business grows, you will eventually find yourself wondering if it is time to hire a team of your very own!

The decision to hire a team to support your transaction coordinator business is not one to be taken lightly. It may seem scary to bring others into your perfect professional world…but the rewards can be rich! How will you know you’re ready to hire a team?

When is the Right Time to Hire a Team to Help Build Your Transaction Coordinator Business? | Inspired House and Home

What are the Major Signs You Should Hire a Team? 

Knowing the right time to hire a team requires a balance of science and gut feelings. It is important to keep your sights set on this important business milestone so that it doesn’t sneak up on you!

The key is to avoid waiting so long that you are drowning in excess work and unable to properly focus on or train a new team member. You also don’t want to bring someone on prematurely, with not enough work or money to dole out. 

Somewhere right in between these two extremes is the best time to start hiring your transaction coordinator team. Here are the signs that you need to look for.

You Can’t Take on New Projects, No Matter How Much You Want To

If you’re at a point in your professional life where you’ve started turning work away because you already have a full plate, then you may want to hire a team to help you out. The beauty of hiring help is that you can advertise for the exact type of position that fits your needs.

For example, if you only need help for a specific project or minimal administrative duties, you can put feelers out in search of assistants who can work part-time hours or for just a few weeks. Or, if you’re ready to welcome someone for a greater commitment, you can bring on a full-time team member.

You’re Constantly Overwhelmed With Work 

It is definitely time to hire a team to help you out if you are inundated with work and starting to feel overwhelmed. 

Being overwhelmed can look different for different transaction coordinators:

  • Making little mistakes more frequently
  • Working longer hours, cutting into valuable family time
  • Feeling frustrated during times of the day that used to bring you joy
  • Losing hold of your work-life balance

If any of these sound like they apply to you, it is time to start searching for help. Someone out there could lighten your load and help you regain control.

You’re Falling Behind on Your Administrative Tasks

The first time that you head off to bed with unfinished business might not feel like a huge deal. But as time goes on, your pile of unfinished tasks will only get worse. Falling behind is a BIG sign that it is time to hire a team.

It is important that you don’t punish yourself for the things you don’t get done. Your business is growing! Take the time to celebrate the need for assistance and get the ball rolling by hiring your first team member.

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Why Should You Hire A Team? 

There are a few advantages that turn up when you hire a team of assistants for your transaction coordinator business. If you are ready to take on an employee or two, here are the things that you can look forward to.

Different People Have Different Strengths

You know those tasks that you absolutely hate doing as a transaction coordinator? Maybe drafting documents sets you off, or answering inquiry emails just bores you to death. You can search specifically for a helper to take those things off of your agenda. 

Similarly, you might bring on a team member and find that responsibilities between the both of you sort of fall into place. It is a welcome advantage for many transaction coordinators to be able to tweak their workload based on another’s strengths and abilities as they present themselves.

You Have More Time to Spend With Family & Friends

This single perk may have been the very reason that you started in the transaction coordinator biz. Getting back in the driver's seat of your life knowing that everything will be okay at work justifies the decision to hire a team alone.

Imagine being able to take a long weekend off and actually having someone to cover for you in case of an emergency. That should have you typing up a job description right away!

Your Business Has Much More Growth Potential If You Hire A Team

Once you hire your first employee, it's easy to hire more as your transaction coordinator business grows. Starting to hire a team is really the hardest part, but after that first teammate climbs aboard, your confidence, knowledge, and capabilities as a team leader will grow.

It's surprising how much more money you can make with extra help, even though you have to pay the extra help that you hire! Growing your team as a transaction coordinator is both exciting and lucrative in the long run.

Making the choice to hire a team to help out with your transaction coordinator business can help you fall back in love with your career. Growth is a beautiful thing, especially when you can take others along for the ride!


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