No self-promo or affiliate links of any kind.

➡️ No posting any links to your services, products, training, blog posts, content, websites, etc. If you are looking for feedback or responding to a job opportunity then sharing links is fine.

Any and all posts related to offering your services, looking for work, or saying you are a “TC for hire” is considered self promotion and will be removed. Continued posts of this nature may lead to you being removed from the group.


➡️ If you are asking for feedback and sharing a link, the feedback you’re requesting has to be specific. For example, asking for general thoughts on your website is not allowed. Be specific about what parts of your website you want the community to look at. 

➡️ We do not allow ANY outside affiliate links at all.

➡️ PMs and DMs are not allowed unless someone has specifically given you permission to do so. If you are reported for sending unsolicited DMs, you will be removed and blocked from the group. No exceptions.

➡️ Posts requesting people’s emails or offering to share free resources to those who “drop a comment” are not allowed. 

➡️ No going live in the group unless you have gained permission from an admin.

➡️ Any posts that share blog articles, polls, comments, content, that clearly have the goal of selling a product or service will be deleted. No hashtags, Youtube links, website URL’s, or social media links unless pre-approved by admin. This goes for both your own products and services as well as anyone you represent or work with.

➡️ No disparaging, negative comments, or posts about the group admins, products, or services. You will be immediately removed from the group. 

➡️ Real talk moment! There are other courses and content out there that teaches people how to launch their Transaction Coordinator businesses. If you have come into this group to try and mentor or teach others how to start their TC businesses, this is unprofessional. If you’re here to provide value and be part of this community, then that’s fantastic. While we know this is a bit of a grey area and it can come down to whether or not we believe your intentions and actions are in the best interest of the group, please treat our group like you would want yours to be treated. You wouldn’t want someone coming into your group and trying to sell to your community or trick people into starting conversations about how you can help them grow their businesses. Our group owner provides a course on this and it is the only paid product allowed to be promoted in this group. In addition, we do not allow outside products or coaches to be tagged or shared.

Posting Job Opportunities

➡️ Please use the hashtag #jobopp

➡️ Your post MUST include the following:

  1. What type of job they are offering, such as a W-2 or 1099
  2. How much experience
  3. Preferred state
  4. Your name
  5. How you want the potential TC to respond the opportunity (a comment, an email, etc)
  6. Your Company (if applicable)
  7. What type of tasks the TC will be helping you with
  8. Approximate amount of hours per week that you would like assistance (if applicable)
  9. Anything else the TC should know about your business or the role

➡️ Rate is determined by agreement/negotiation between both parties and we will not be regulating this inside of our group.

➡️ Any jobopp that requests a specific race, nationality, gender, or religion, will not be allowed. We are here to provide equal opportunities to all.

➡️ If you see an opportunity that does not suit you or is offering a rate you do not agree with, just keep scrolling. Negative comments will not be tolerated.

Unsolicited “DM me” posts

➡️ Any and all posts that request group members to DM or PM to “find out more,” “learn more,” etc, will be deleted without exception and you may be removed from the group.

Was your post deleted? 

➡️ If your post was deleted, then you most likely broke the rules. Please understand that sometimes the removal of a post does come down to the decision of the admin and the information they have in front of them.

➡️ If you need clarification on why your post was deleted, please email hello@inspiredhouseandhome.

➡️ DO NOT post inside the group discussing how your post was deleted. Your post will be removed again and you may be removed from the group. If you have questions, reach out to us via email. 

Be Kind. ALWAYS!

➡️ We’re in this together to create a welcoming environment for everyone whether they’re new to real estate or not. Let’s treat everyone w/ respect. Negativity isn’t tolerated and kindness is required.

No hate speech OR bullying of any kind. 

➡️ Bullying of any kind isn’t allowed, name-calling & degrading comments about things like race, politics, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender identity will not be tolerated.

No invites to outside groups or calls.

➡️ We understand the desire to connect and collaborate however we DO NOT allow invitations to outside calls (via Zoom or anything else), masterminds, accountability groups, or anything similar. These posts will be deleted. 

No promotion of real estate listings.

➡️ If you are an agent trying to post your latest listing, know that it will be deleted and you will be removed from the group. There are groups to share your listings in and this is not one of them.


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