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3 Tips for Choosing a Brand Name As a Transaction Coordinator

Choosing a brand name is always challenging. But it’s especially so when starting your own business as a real estate transaction coordinator. 

The decision can be paralyzing! The wrong name might leave your business forgotten by clients or, worse, in legal trouble. The right name, though, can leave a lasting impact.

Finding that perfect name can be tricky, but I’m here to help. These tips will help you give your transaction coordinator business an effective name!

Disclaimer: Don’t Get Stuck Choosing a Brand Name

Choosing a brand name for your real estate transaction coordinator business is an important step, but not the only step! Of course, it’s important that you choose a name you love (that reflects you and your personality). But don’t let choosing a name stop you from doing other things. 

It’s easy to get so caught up in coming up with the perfect name that you miss other important elements. Naming your business is important, but finding realtors to work with is even more important. With the right marketing, it doesn’t matter what name you settle on.

If you’ve been planning your business for months and haven’t settled on a name yet, it’s time. This guide will help you find a name that suits your transaction coordination business and your personality. 


3 Types of Business Names for Transaction Coordinators

Choosing a brand name for your business is an important step. Here are three options for you when it comes to choosing the perfect name to attract realtors! 

Creative Names

You don’t have to pick out a serious or stuffy name for your real estate transaction coordinator business! Let the name be a reflection of your fun and creative personality instead.

Even if the name is creative, you still want people to know what you do. 

How do you find the right balance? 

Start by brainstorming some buzzwords about the transaction coordination industry. Buzzwords are the words that relate to your business and the tasks you’ll be doing. Write the buzzwords you come up with down in a column.

Next, make a list of as many words you can come up with that relate to whatever you want! Incorporate your personality, geography, or target audience. 

Have fun with it! Choosing a brand name doesn’t have to be a serious and stressful venture.

Then, make pairs out of the two columns! Mix and match, then do it again. Sometimes it takes a lot of bad or “meh” names before you find gold.

Professional Names

Cute or clever names aren’t for everyone. If the creative route just doesn’t work for you, you’re not alone. 

Choosing a brand name that is professional is a great option!

If your goal is to cater to realtors with a more professional vibe, matching their tone is a good idea. It will make your transaction coordinator services more attractive to your target audience!

Whether you’re designing a creative or professional name, the method is pretty similar. Begin by brainstorming some titles for your business. These could be words like transaction coordinator, coordination, facilitation, organization, etc. 

Then pair those with some adjectives! How do you want people to describe your business? What impression do you think people will have after working with you? See what adjectives you come up with as answers to those questions.

Then, just like before, combine them with the titles you came up with! 

Find anything you like? If you’re struggling, you can also try adding your name to the mix. 

Self-Branded Names

A self-branded name is basically just using your own name as the name of your business. It’s flexible, easy to maintain, and works even if you change your niche.

You might think a self-branded name is a cop-out, but it might actually be the perfect decision for you. 

Self-branding is versatile. If you decided to change direction at some point, you can still use the same marketing materials! 


Tips for Choosing a Brand Name as a Transaction Coordinator

When you’re choosing a brand name, it’s about more than just the naming style. 

Although those methods might help you choose, there’s more to the story. The following tips will help you find inspiration and nail down the perfect name. 

Think About What You Want Your Business Name to Convey

The business name you choose will become central to your brand’s identity. It will be on all of your branding materials, from your website to your business cards. The name identifies your company and its services.

Your real estate transaction coordinator business is service-oriented, so you want a name that makes your services clear. 

Keep It Simple

Simplicity is key. You want to describe your services without being overly specific. That said, adding a descriptive element to your domain can make your life a little easier.

If you add “transaction coordinator” to the tail of your domain name, people will know exactly what you do. This also improves your visibility in web searches!

Because you can do your work remotely from anywhere, try to avoid geographic descriptors. 

Here’s an example…

TucsonTransactionCoordinator.com may limit your odds of being chosen for jobs in, say, Seattle. You want to keep your options open as much as possible.

Consider These Key Questions

As you focus on choosing a brand name, here are some essential questions you should consider. 

  • Can people tell what you actually do? 
  • Does your branding clearly convey that you’re a real estate transaction coordinator?
  • Are you sharing your name with another organization? 
  • Is your brand name similar to a brand you’d rather not associate with? 
  • Will you have a tagline? 

If you’re still stuck, consider trying a free name generator, like this one from Shopify!

Yes, choosing a brand name for your real estate transaction coordinator business is important. But you shouldn’t spend months trying to come up with the name! 

Choosing a brand name is only one step in the process of getting your business going. Go forth and name your company so you can get into the fun stuff. 


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